Our Science

Our Science – “The Science of Science”

Built upon “The Theory of Relativity,” “The Science of Science” ensures that all individuals, organizations, communities, cultures, and economies may continuously define and redefine their own destinies.

The Science of Science” draws upon all of the sciences that we need to accomplish any human missions that we seek to achieve:

  • The Probabilities Science provides the distribution of predictable responses with projected costs and benefits.
  • The Possibilities Science expands the alternative responses with leveraged costs and elevated benefits.
  • The Generativity Science generates the most powerful responses with diminishing costs and accelerating benefits.

The Science of Science” empowers us to generate solutions to any problems in any human endeavor. It has provided us with a “roadmap” that is developmental and cumulative:

  • We initiate probabilistically.
  • We transform possibilistically.
  • We culminate generatively.

The Science of Science” has evolved intentionally in the 21st century. It empowers us with the capacity to generate our own solutions to our own human problems. It is the source of “The Science of Change.

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