Our Projects

Our Projects

Our projects are built around the pods illustrated in our overview, “Why the McLean Project?”:

  • Pod I:      Natural Science Solutions, such as “The Fifth Force.”
  • Pod II:    Science of Science Solutions, such as the “New Possibilities Science” and “Generativity Sciences.”
  • Pod III:   Human Empowerment Solutions, such as “Human Generativity” and other forms of Human Capital Development
  • Pod IV:   Organizational Optimization Solutions, such as “Human-Centric Information Sciences” and other forms of Information and Organization Capital Development.
  • Pod V:     Socioeconomic Growth Solutions, such as “The Entrepreneurial Community” and other forms of Community Capital Development.

Individually, growth in these areas gives us a leg up on the problems of the 21st century. Collectively, these are the pods that all people—individuals, organizations, communities, city–state, nations—must actualize to assume leadership roles in the 21st century.

POD 1 – Flovex Technology

In this demonstration video, Professor Tom Kakovitch looks like he is fishing. And he is. Tom is directing the radio control for his self-propelled FloVex System for oxygenating water. By solving the world’s most critical need for pure water, he is fishing for the betterment of the “future of civilization.” This is the first in a series of history making science endeavors, generated by courageous people that can change our world.

The Science behind FloVex

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