Our Leaders

Our Leaders

About our Chairman


Robert R. Carkhuff, Ph.D., is the founder and Chairman of The McLean Project. His herculean efforts on behalf of humanity and science have culminated here. One of the most-referenced scientists in the 20th century, according to The Institute for Scientific Information, he is also recognized as “The Father of Human Sciences” based on his generative leadership in the Sciences of Human Relating (HCD), Information Representing (ICD), and Human and Information Generativity (HCD <-> ICD). Special recognition is due his paradigm-changing volumes on The New Science of Possibilities (2000) and its many applications (see References in The McLean Project (2011)). Also, with his recently-published series on The Human Sciences (2012), he is now the focus of the biography, Carkhuff and The Human Sciences (2012) by Bernard G. Berenson, Ph.D., an Einsteinian scholar.


Each of the following individuals have excelled in their fields of exper­tise and are aligned with the mission of The McLean Project:

  • William Alms, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Immunology
  • George Banks, Ph.D., Director, Socioeconomic Development
  • Karen Banks, Ph.D., Director, Early Childhood
  • Don Benoit, M.Ed., Director, Carkhuff Thinking Systems, Inc.
  • John R. Cannon, Ph.D., Director, Environmental Sciences
  • Christopher J. Carkhuff, D.Sci., Executive Director, GenStar, LLC
  • Sharon Fisher, M.S.W., Director, Human Technology
  • Andrew H. Griffin, Ed.D., Director, Community Development
  • Tom Kakovitch, Professor, Director, Carkhuff Institute of Applied Science and MRTI Co., Inc.
  • Rob Owen, D.Sci., Director, Cultural Development
  • Hernan Oyarzabal, D.Sci., Director, Economic Development
  • George Paley, D.Sci., Executive Director, GenStar Tech, LLC
  • Richard M. Pierce, Ph.D., Director, Carkhuff Institute of Human Technology
  • Richard C. Sprinthall, Ph.D., Executive Director, Project Analysis, The McLean Project
  • Yushko Tsuda, Ph.D., Director, Pharmacology

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